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Mine Collapse in China Leaves Scores Missing

23 February 2023, Thursday
At least four fatalities and forty-nine persons missing were reported after a mine collapsed in Inner Mongolia region of Northern China on Wednesday. Chinese leader Xi Jinping commanded a search and rescue mission with six survivors being able to be extracted from the open-pit mine in Alxa League. However, attempts to rescue other people were briefly hindered by two landslides.

President Xi has urged authorities to do all they can to locate survivors after a mine on the home country's eastern coast experienced a landslide. Around 900 rescue personnel have been dispatched to the scene. The cause of the collapse is currently unknown.

Wei Zhiguo, head of the rescue mission, stated that the proceedings had been hindered by a "significant landslide" on Wednesday evening. This caused the search operations to be ceased for the night, and was further complicated by a second landslide later in the day.

"The rescue operations are on-going in a tight and cooperative atmosphere," he told China Central Television.

The police informed China Central Television that an inquiry is in progress and concerned persons were already "taken under control".

Around five o' clock in the morning, GMT, on Wednesday, the mine gave way, trapping more than fifty employees. The collapse caused destruction in a large area, according to the authorities. There is a pile of rubble, nearly five hundred metres in width and estimated to be eighty metres in height. CCTV has reported that the mine was operated by the Xinjing Coal Mining Company, but there has not been an official statement from them yet.

Mines in China's Inner Mongolia region have been leading the nation in coal production over the past year in an effort to increase supplies and reduce prices. Unfortunately, accidents in these mines are not unheard of, since industrial safety regulations may be laxly enforced. In December 2020, 23 miners perished from a carbon monoxide leak and a further 10 were killed in January 2021 due to an explosion at a gold mine in Shandong province.
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