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Biden Calls for Peaceful Resolution in Memphis Police Killing Case

27 January 2023, Friday
President Joe Biden is appealing to demonstrators in Tennessee to maintain peace while authorities are preparing to make public video of an arrest that ended in a motorist's death.
Five police officers in Memphis were dismissed and are now facing murder charges after Tyre Nichols, 29, perished three days after a traffic stop conducted on January 7th.
The body camera video of the incident is due to come out Friday evening in the local area.

Lawyers for the Nichols family have stated that the footage they are about to release will depict Nichols being severely beaten. David Rausch, the director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, expressed his shock and outrage upon viewing the video, deeming the actions of the officers "absolutely appalling". With Memphis expected to be met with potential demonstrations, police are increasing their patrols in the city centre to be prepared.

President Biden appealed for peace on Thursday as authorities are set to release footage of the encounter that led to the death of 20-year-old Tyre King. All five of the involved officers are being charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression.

"I join Tyre's family in urging for peaceful protest," the President said. "I understand the anger and frustration, but violence is never the answer."

Additionally, the city's police chief asked citizens to remain composed and respectful when the video is released.

Cerelyn Davis, the first black woman to hold her role within the Memphis Police Department, expressed her disappointment in the dismissal of five officers. Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills Jr, Emmitt Martin III and Justin Smith had all recently joined the department, but were fired last week. All five of the officers were arrested and taken to jail on Thursday. "This is a failing of basic humanity toward another individual," she said of the situation.

The Nichols family and their legal team viewed the footage of the arrest earlier this week in private. Antonio Romanucci, the lawyer representing them, declared it showed an "unadulterated, unabashed, non-stop beating of this young boy for three minutes" - "like a human piñata". On Thursday, lawyers for the two ex-officers involved in the incident proclaimed that their clients will be fighting the charges.

No-one had any intention for Tyre Nichols to suffer a fatal outcome that night, proclaimed a lawyer for one of the men involved.

As officers approached his vehicle, Mr Nichols attempted to flee on foot and the first confrontation ensued. When officers attempted to make an arrest, the second altercation ensued.

After complaining of breathlessness, Mr Nichols was taken to hospital, where he was declared to be in a critical state.

Officials said on 10 January that Mr Nichols had "succumbed to his injuries," with no further details revealed. The official cause of death has yet to be declared.

Mr Nichols' family have shared that he will be remembered as a "good kid" who loved photography and skateboarding.

The father-of-one, employed by the delivery company FedEx, suffered from Crohn's disease and endured serious weight loss, according to his relatives.

Reverend Al Sharpton, a renowned civil rights leader in the US, disclosed to the BBC that the alleged crime had an additional adverse effect because the involved officers were African American.

“Because we fought for blacks to be on the police force,” he said, “the brutality that occurred is more reprehensible than I can express.”

Adanté Pointer, a California-based trial lawyer, noted that cases involving black men being killed by black officers rarely make the news. He added that the recent case of a black man being fatally shot by five black officers in Louisiana highlights that this is not simply a matter of white versus black, but rather a power dynamic that is present regardless of the race of the police officers involved. 

"I do not believe these five black police officers would have done this had he been a young white man," Pointer said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have launched a civil rights investigation concerning the death of Mr. Nichols. The officers involved come from a special unit called Scorpion, which stands for "Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods". As a result of the investigation, the review of this unit, as well as all others of the city's specialized teams, has been ordered by the city's police chief.
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