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Ukrainian Troops Move Closer to Defended City in East

27 December 2022, Tuesday
Ukrainian troops are pushing closer to Kreminna, a heavily defended city located in the east of Ukraine, according to officials. This recent advancement comes as evidence that the northern part of the Luhansk region is still one of the most fiercely contested parts of the conflict. Currently, this area is almost completely under Russia's control. Lyman, a city which Ukrainian forces recently retook in October, is located near Kreminna and the fighting has reached this region as well.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated in his nightly address on Monday that the situation in Kreminna and other areas of Donbas was "difficult and acute". He noted that the occupiers have "significant resources" at their disposal which they are using to make gains. 

On Tuesday, Serhiy Haidai, the regional governor of Luhansk, commented on Telegram that the Russians recognize that if they lose Kreminna, their entire defensive line will "fall". Haidai also said that, in response to military pressure, part of the Russian command based in the city had withdrawn to the nearby town of Rubizhne, though this could not be verified.

In the fall, as Ukrainian forces reclaimed Lyman in Donetsk, they launched a campaign to recapture Kreminna in Kharkiv. Their advance through the region drove Russian forces back toward their own border. This set the stage for a series of battles and artillery duels which have taken place around Kreminna and Svatove. Both cities were occupied by Russian troops at the start of their ten-month invasion of Ukraine.

Reclaiming Starobilsk alongside the two cities that have already been recaptured could allow Ukrainian forces to move towards the Russian border, regaining more land that has been taken by Moscow. This would also give Ukraine control of three roads which open up to two bigger cities that the Russians took earlier in the summer - Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk. Even though the campaign is currently targeting bigger cities, President Zelensky has been vocal about wanting Ukraine to reclaim all of the land taken by Russia since 2014, including the Crimean Peninsula.
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