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Colorado Residents: Preparing for Potential Tuesday Evening Winter Storm

18 January 2023, Wednesday
A winter storm is set to hit northeastern Colorado, including the metro area, bringing snow and deteriorating road conditions that could adversely affect the Tuesday commute, according to the National Weather Service.

The winter storm warning will take effect at 5 pm Tuesday, with heavy snow becoming likely overnight. Denver is expected to experience a 100% chance of snowfall, with an estimated one foot of snow accumulation by mid-day Wednesday.

Heavy snowfall is making travel treacherous on snow-covered roads. The National Weather Service has issued a storm warning, citing that the perilous conditions may affect commuters at the end of their Tuesday evening journey and much more so on their Wednesday morning drives.

Parts of east, north central and northeast Colorado, including the metro area, are bracing for a winter storm that will bring heavy snow overnight with predicted accumulations of between 6 and 12 inches. The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning which will last until 5 o'clock in the afternoon on Wednesday. Local totals are estimated to be 12 to 15 inches east of Interstate 25, and on the northeastern plains, where gusts of wind reaching 35 mph will cause reduced visibility due to blowing and drifting snow.

Motorists and travelers should prepare for stormy conditions persisting into the late afternoon on Wednesday, when the storm is predicted to decrease from the west side to the east. The Colorado State Patrol and the National Weather Service suggest that people should remain inside and be vigilant for their safety during the bad weather.

"Troopers ask that you do your best to remain at home and away from the roads," mentioned the CSP in a press announcement. "Nevertheless, if you must be driving, be aware of the many alterations in the weather and drive slowly and with care."

If possible, it is best to postpone travel. If there is no choice but to travel, be sure to proceed with extreme caution and be prepared for any rapid shifts in visibility. Also, it is important to ensure a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you, and allow extra time to reach the destination.

Drivers should make certain that their car is in top condition prior to winter, with tyres in good shape, functioning wiper blades, a working heater and a powerful battery. It is recommended to prepare a winter survival kit with an extra set of clothing, snow boots and covers, as well as food and water in case of an emergency. Bringing a portable charger for a mobile phone is also advised. In case of a stranded situation, it is best to phone 911.

For Denver on Tuesday evening, the chance of snow is forecast to be 60%, mainly after 5 p.m. Accumulation is predicted to be around 1 inch. The forecast for the night is calling for 100% chance of snow, which could be heavy at times, with an accumulation between 5 to 9 inches. Temperatures are expected to be around 25 degrees, with winds gusting up to 22 mph. Additionally, there may be areas of patchy fog.

In Denver, snow is expected to decrease by 11am and freezing fog is expected between 9 and 10am. Temperatures will reach a high of 32 degrees and an additional 1-3 inches of accumulation is forecasted for Wednesday morning. Wednesday night will be cloudy with a low of 12 degrees.

The outlook for Denver on Thursday is sunny skies, along with an expected high of 37 degrees. Snow may be in the forecast Friday, with the possibility of 30% precipitation and the temperature expecting to dip to 31 degrees.
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