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Highlighting the Impact of Robert Covington on the Clippers

25 February 2023, Saturday
The LA Clippers have the perfect focus for their celebration of Black History Month: Celebrating Black Game Changers. At the top of that list is one of their own: Robert Covington.

Covington's decade in the NBA boasts an All-Defensive First Team spot, and his impact stretches beyond what occurs between the lines. He is one of only 51 former HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) players who have gone on to make it in the league, joining the likes of Bob Love and Earl Monroe. More impressively, he is the only active NBA player to have come from an HBCU.

For Covington, being a Black Game Changer isn’t just about his own experience but is also about the people who have helped him along his journey. He views it as more than just being able to do something for them, looking to the enthusiasm and successes of the individual. 

Covington told that the qualities which define a Black Game Changer include “someone that looks at you more than just an individual that can do things for them. They love to see your demeanor. They love to see the accolades for you.”

Robert Covington is thankful for the support of those in his life who have helped him to reach his full potential. Credit for his success must be given to his parents and college basketball coach, John Cooper, at Tennessee State.

"My coach really brought the best out of me," Covington said, referring to Cooper who led his Tennessee State team between 2009 and 2012. 

Covington explained that it was the encouragement, pushing to achieve and the sharing of knowledge that his family and coach provided him that got him to where he is now. 

"Without them doing those type of things in my life and being there to support [me], I wouldn't be where I am," Covington shared. 
He continued to express his gratitude for their help, crediting them for pushing him to reach his full potential as a game changer.

Believing in him was the main factor for Covington. He expressed that it really pushed him to the utmost extent and the support he received was paramount. 

This sentiment is reflected in the coaches of this year's HBCU Classic between Southern University and Grambling State University. Donte Jackson, head coach of the Grambling State men's basketball team, highlighted the importance of this role when he said, “We’re basketball coaches but more importantly we’re Black men, and we’re educating black men every day. Our goal is to make sure these young men are ready for the real world.”

Southern University's coach, Sean Woods, spoke of the game as a representation of familial values: “Basketball to these kids is a family,” said Woods.

For Clippers player Patrick Covington, four years of playing basketball at Tennessee State was a unique experience that he would never change. He noted that the support of the community was an integral part of the experience.

"The level of love at an HBCU instilled a lot of core values in us," Covington commented in a video released by the Clippers. "Going to an HBCU is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Covington believes that it's the people in his life who pushed him to where he is now that make him a "Black Game Changer," a visionary and a leader for those who have come after him.

"I'm fortunate to have had a village offering me support in life," Covington said. “What it takes to be a game changer is having a real support system.”

The LA Clippers are recognizing Covington as one of their ‘Celebrating Black Game Changers’ in the local community. To find out more about this initiative, click here.

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