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Taylor Lewan Struggling to Decide if He Will Continue His Football Career

11 February 2023, Saturday
Lewan is living the life of his dreams currently. He has the pleasure of being present at the Super Bowl, close to his hometown. This week, the popular podcast he shares with his buddy, ex-Titans teammate Will Compton, has allowed them to converse with various celebrities. Lewan and Compton have been having a blast while doing so. But when this week is over, Lewan will be able to go home and enjoy an even better experience.

"I'd put my life up against anyone's," Lewan said. "I'm blessed with an incredible wife who tolerates my nonsense on a daily basis and actually likes it. We have two daughters - our five-year-old is the epitome of sweetness, a real 'Loves unicorns, rainbows and puppies' kind of kid, and our two-year-old is a firecracker who knows what she wants and always gets it. Amazingly, they all love me! I'm fortunate enough to be able to do what I want and not work. At 31, I'm in a great place, with a good perspective of where I started in life."

Taylor Lewan, the first-round draft pick for the team in the 2014 NFL Draft, faces an internal battle about what is next for him. After achieving much on the field and making enough money, Lewan is in a place where he could walk away from the game of football and still be content. He realizes he doesn’t have to play anymore if he doesn’t want to.

Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan expects to be released soon. He has had three Pro Bowl trips and 106 starts, but has not achieved the ultimate outcome of taking part in a Super Bowl. This is due to two ACL surgeries in the last three years and only 20 games played over the same amount of time. Consequently, he is contemplating the possibility of bidding goodbye to the game or continuing his career.

Taylor Lewan commented that in his heart of hearts he believes he will be cut by the Tennessee Titans over the next couple of weeks. This will leave him in an unprecedented situation of having to decide whether or not to continue playing football by weighing the pros and cons. He is yet to make his decision on if he will retire, join another team, or potentially return to the Titans at a reduced salary.

"Football isn't something I can just pick back up in five years," Lewan declared. "Once this period of my life has ended, I'm not the type of person who's going to keep retiring and unretiring. I'm going to make a choice and stick to it, but I'm content with either outcome. That's the most precious thing I've been given, having the ability to accept both decisions and find fulfilment either way. I'm incredibly lucky."

Lewan is aware that his contract makes things difficult. He stated that he is willing to discuss it if necessary. 

"My contract is $14 million next year," Lewan said. "If the team comes back with an offer, we can definitely have a conversation about it. We can talk about my knee and whether I am interested in continuing to play. Mike and I have a great relationship, and we're constantly texting, making fun of each other in a group chat. We are open with each other, and he will tell me his opinion. If I decide to play, my preference would be to stay with the same franchise for the past nine years. I'm a loyal person, and it would feel strange to wear a different jersey."

Lewan has a big decision to make today – is he in or out of the Super Bowl? He says he will never set foot on a football field if he isn't fully committed. As an alternative, he will continue to broadcast his show Bussin' where he talks and tweets while riding a bus for an hour a week. It's similar to some people playing video games on Twitch, just from the podcast standpoint.

If I decide to return to football in the 2023 season, it will be all or nothing. I cannot take a half in/half out approach. This is not the right way to do a competitive sport at the highest level. I am proud of my nine years playing for the same team and helping to shift the culture of a team from 2-14 to six straight winning seasons, and being at the center of that change. I will never return to football just for money. That is not who I am, and I know some guys do that and that is fine, but it is not what I will do. Now I have big decisions to make with my family in the coming weeks.
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