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CPS Abandons Attempted Rape Allegations Against Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood

03 February 2023, Friday
The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) revealed on Thursday that charges of attempted rape and assault against Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood had been dropped due to the withdrawal of key witnesses. Additionally, a charge of controlling and coercive behaviour was also annulled.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) stated that owing to the withdrawal of key witnesses and new information coming to light, it was no longer possible to gain a conviction. They went on to urge anyone with knowledge of potential offences to report to the police, as they would prosecute wherever their legal test is met. They concluded by saying that their decision had been explained to all relevant parties.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced that all charges against Manchester United's Mason Greenwood have been dropped. The Guardian reports that Greenwood has denied the charges of attempted rape.

In response, Manchester United released a statement, affirming that they would conduct their own process before deciding on next steps, and would not make any additional comments until the process is completed.

Greater Manchester Police's (GMP) head of public protection, Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, has expressed commitment to investigating allegations of violence against women and girls, despite the decision to drop charges in a recent case.

In a statement, she said that the decision was not “taken lightly” and urged victims to come forward and seek help.

She said, “If you feel you are or might be a victim, please don’t let this case put you off asking for help.”

In October 2022, Greenwood was accused of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behavior, and section 47 assault of a woman. Following the emergence of videos and images on social media, the 21-year-old was taken into custody during January 2022. Consequently, he was suspended by Manchester United and Nike cut their ties with him. Since then, Greenwood has not returned to playing for Manchester United.
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