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Rodgers Addresses Rumors of Possible Trade

14 March 2023, Tuesday

Following conversations with the New York Jets, a ray of hope is on the horizon for Aaron Rodgers, who has been in the dark regarding his future.

The quarterback's potential next move has been one of the most discussed topics this offseason and, ahead of the start of free agency, a resolution may already be in sight.

Brandon Marshall asked about Rodgers' future on the 'I AM ATHLETE' podcast, with the 39-year-old commenting on the possibility of leaving the Green Bay Packers.

The long-time Green Bay Packers star, Aaron Rodgers, was asked about his encounter with the New York Jets' owner, Woody Johnson, which he was given authorization by the Packers to participate in. Rodgers simply declared that it was an "interesting" meeting, withholding any further details.

Recently, the veteran quarterback took a trip to a darkness retreat in order to consider his future. What he gleaned from his time there is not currently known.

The four-time MVP expressed that all the response to his current situation can be found within himself following his time at the retreat. He noted that he had "touched many of them" and was thankful for the experience, suggesting finality of his decision. He continued to explain that he does not take the decision lightly and does not want to put anyone out. He concluded the conversation by noting that he is answering questions about it because he is asked, and that it is important to him.

Following 18 seasons in Wisconsin, a potential move from the Packers would mark the end of Aaron Rodgers' time with the team. During his tenure, Rodgers led the franchise to a Super Bowl victory alongside considerable individual success. His name is now cemented at the top of the team's record books in terms of passing touchdowns and a close second in passing yards.

Aaron Rodgers' future with the Green Bay Packers may be uncertain, but team president and CEO Mark Murphy is hoping to find a "win-win" situation for both sides.

Reports have suggested Rodgers could be on his way out, but Murphy is not ruling anything out. "He's obviously a great player. Four-time MVP," Murphy said to the NFL website. "But I think it's trying to find what he wants and what we want, and hopefully, we can find a win-win situation."
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