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Jake Gyllenhaal Provides Most Outrageous Finish at UFC 285

05 March 2023, Sunday

Jon Jones' return is the main focus of UFC 285, however, the former light heavyweight champion wasn't the most celebrated individual to enter the Octagon on Saturday.

At T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, between the early prelims and the main card, Jake Gyllenhaal made an appearance to film scenes for his upcoming movie "Road House". In this remake, the Academy Award nominee will play a former UFC fighter.

To depict this, Gyllenhaal had a fake bout with former UFC fighter Jay Hieron. During the fight, he allowed Hieron to hit him multiple times in the face before responding with a flying knee and knockout. He then continued to strike Hieron even though he was already unconscious, which will most likely be what leads to the downfall of the fighter.

Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in a remake of the cult classic 'Road House', and the actor is taking full advantage of the opportunity to get into character. At the weigh-ins on Friday, Gyllenhaal gave a bit more insight into his mystery-shrouded character, making his entrance in the Octagon. The original 'Road House' featured a protagonist with a shady past that included killing someone, and that could be what is happening in the remake. Additionally, former UFC champion Conor McGregor rounds out the cast in an unknown capacity. Gyllenhaal is sure to bring his immense talent and enthusiasm to the project, making this remake one to watch out for.
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