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Sons Of The Forest Overwhelms Steam

24 February 2023, Friday
As of this writing, Sons Of The Forest is the third most popular game on Steam with a whopping 265,000 concurrent players. This astonishing turnout came less than three hours after the game's release. This influx of activity could have been responsible for the Steam platform going offline for a brief period.

Sons Of The Forest was set to launch at 5pm GMT, but it ended up hitting the markets during an unexpected Steam outage. As evidenced by the spike in outages reported at Downdetector, the pressure of 265,000 gamers launching the game at once could have overwhelmed even Valve's servers.

Sons Of The Forest, the sequel to the beloved first-person survival game The Forest, has released in Early Access on Steam after initially being planned for full release this year.

The game pits players against a jungle environment, with semi-naked cannibals doing their best to stop them from making any progress. Players have the option to bring in some pals to help increase their chances of survival. 

The hype around Sons Of The Forest has been huge, with a big success from the start, and it can now be found in Steam for £25/$30. Stay tuned for more updates about this flashy survival sim in the coming days.

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