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Maryland Amazon Employee Hits Jackpot Twice in a Row

18 February 2023, Saturday
An Amazon worker from Baltimore, Maryland, has just been awarded a hefty $50,000 from a mere $5 scratch card - the second instance of such luck within the last two months.

The 56-year-old man had already won a $30,000 prize from another such card in January, according to a statement issued by Maryland Lottery.
He was able to secure the recent winning after purchasing a scratch card at a liquor store.

The man, whose identity has not been revealed, exclaimed: I'm checking the ticket and thinking, 'This can't be right.' So I called my girlfriend in to have a look and asked her, 'Tell me I'm not crazy.' She just looked at me and said, 'Unbelievable!

The winner said he had not decided what he would do with the prize money, but he might take his girlfriend away on holiday for her 60th birthday. He was also contemplating buying a new car, added lottery officials.

A man from Maryland won the top possible prize of 50,000 dollars, playing a five dollar Crazy 8s lottery scratch card. In addition, he won twenty dollars on a one dollar card and recovered the cost of a separate five dollar card.

Mitt's Rosedale Liquors in Rosewood, east of Baltimore, will receive a five hundred dollar bonus from Maryland Lottery due to the win. Such multiple lottery wins in a row are rare but not unprecedented - in December of the same year, a man from Massachusetts won the lottery six times in a row, based on his "intuition".

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