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Greta Thunberg Humiliates Tate After Attempt To Mock Her On Twitter

29 December 2022, Thursday
Andrew Tate, the much-despised "manosphere" influencer who has been spreading vile misoginy and purported money-making opportunities to TikTok teens, made an attempt to ridicule environmental activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter, only for her to effortlessly put him to shame.

Tate, who used to be a kickboxer, is now an alt-right influencer. He openly expresses his sexist and misogynistic views, claiming that women "belong in the home" and should be "given to the man and belong to the man."

Tate's Twitter account had been prohibited, unsurprisingly, but it was reactivated in late November following Elon Musk's takeover of the platform.
Tate's Twitter posts are intentionally contentious, sometimes indistinguishable from satire, where he boasts about his riches and accomplishments, with pictures and recordings of the influencer smoking cigars and wearing shades inside, much the same as a pre-teen kid who recently watched his first Guy Ritchie film.

Tate bragged about his 33 cars and their "enormous emissions" to Thunberg, asking her to provide her email address so he could send a full list.

Thunberg replied to Tate's immature remark with a withering response:
"Yes, feel free to enlighten me. You can send me an email to [email protected]."

Greta Thunberg invoked the ire of conservative British Member of Parliament Iain Tate with a tweet that drew a huge reaction from Twitter users. Thunberg’s tweet read: “How dare you?!” and Tate's response was simply “How dare you?!”

This prompted a huge reaction of mockery on the social media platform. Many people ridiculed Tate for his response, echoing Thunberg’s words.

Tate seemed to be quoting a passionate speech from Thunberg, one which criticized those responsible for the environmental damage on our planet, as well as politicians who enabled the destruction. However, due to the ironic and immature style of the post, many Twitter users interpreted the message as genuine outrage.

The talk touched on Tate and other representatives from the “manosphere”, and their potential to impact young men who are going through a difficult period in their lives. The discussion focused on how the ideas of these influencers can be detrimental to those men and how it can affect their self-development.

After several hours of ridicule, Tate eventually posted another strange video of himself dressed in a bathrobe and holding a big cigar, where he portrayed Thunberg as "a slave to the Matrix", and claimed not to be angry.

Tate suggested that the vast quantity of retweets and positive remarks about Thunberg's posts could be attributed to "bots." His comment sparked backlash from many Twitter users, however, Thunberg chose not to comment any more on the discussion.
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