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Footage of Assault on Paul Pelosi Made Public

28 January 2023, Saturday
Police have apprehended one individual in connection with an attack at the home of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco, California. Paul Pelosi, who is the Speaker's husband, was subjected to violence from an intruder while she was absent from the scene. Crime scene tape could be seen in front of the residence on October 28, 2022.

On Friday, the San Francisco Superior Court made available video and audio from the incident which attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, back in 2020. Included in the files are police body camera footage which shows the attack and a police interview where the presumed assailant admitted he desired to kidnap the ex-House Speaker.

The media was allowed access to the clips due to a resolution by the California court system ordering the district attorney to release the materials.

Body-cam footage of officers arriving at Paul Pelosi's home on October 28, 2022 shows the chaos of the moment when David DePape allegedly attacked. The video, which contains graphic and violent content, shows both Pelosi and DePape with a hand on the hammer when the officers opened the door. The officer demanded, “Drop the hammer,” to which DePape replied “Uh, nope.”

The files that were exhibits in a preliminary court hearing have been released to the public, including body-cam footage, audio from a police interview with DePape, the 911 call Paul Pelosi made while DePape was in the home, and surveillance video showing DePape breaking into the home. This came following a motion by a coalition of news organizations, who argued that the circumstances involving the residence of the then-speaker of the House demanded transparency.

Lawyers for DePape have strived to prevent the public release of audio and video recordings of the attack he is alleged to have committed, as they believe this would negatively affect his chance of achieving a fair trial. DePape is accused of a range of state and federal offences, including assault and attempted murder, and has denied all charges. 

Earlier today, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a brief comment to reporters, in which she stated that she had "no intention of watching the attack on my husband’s life". She added that Paul Pelosi is recovering well, but that it will take some time, before concluding and stating that she will not be making any further comments in relation to the case.

In the audio of an interview given by San Francisco police to DePape after his October arrest, the suspect acknowledged his attack on Paul Pelosi and his plan to take Nancy Pelosi hostage when he intruded their San Francisco residence.

"I'm not trying to hide anything here, I know what I did," DePape declared during the 17-minute audio clip.

Brady DePape, a self-described 'right-wing troublemaker', has revealed his controversial plan to hold House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'hostage' and physically punish her if he feels she is lying. 

In a recent interview, DePape discussed his intention to 'talk to her.' He stated that if she told the truth, she would be let go. However, if he felt she was dishonest, he 'was going to break her kneecaps.'

DePape also asserted that Democrats are engaged in some form of criminal activity and accused Pelosi and the Democratic party of spying on former President Donald Trump's campaign. "They are the criminals," he said.

The officer took DePape through his intrusion of the Pelosi house and his encounter with Paul Pelosi. He inquired why DePape failed to depart after Paul Pelosi phoned the police, to which DePape likened himself to the Founding Fathers who combated the British.

"When I departed my house, I left to confront tyranny. I did not leave to surrender," DePape clarified.

DePape further clarified why he struck Paul Pelosi subsequent to the police's arrival, when both were grasping a hammer. “He thinks I'm only going to yield, and it's similar to, I didn't appear there to surrender," he said. "And I told him that I would pass through him. So I wrestled it away from him and gave him a hit.”

In the 911 call audio, Pelosi seemed to be trying to alert the dispatcher to the fact that he was in danger while DePape was listening in. According to CNN, this call was made when he entered his bathroom, where his cell phone was being charged.

Pelosi told the dispatcher, “There’s a gentleman here just waiting for my wife to come back, Nancy Pelosi. He’s just waiting for her to come back, but she’s not going to be here for days, so I guess we’ll have to wait.”

Pelosi was on the phone with the dispatcher, worried that something was not right. "He thinks everything's good," she said. The dispatcher asked her if she knew who the man was, to which Pelosi replied that she did not. "He's telling me to put the phone down and just do what he says," she said. The dispatcher then inquired about a David, to which Pelosi replied that she did not know. DePape then chimed in that he was a friend of theirs, but Pelosi still said she did not know who he was.

In the surveillance footage, DePape is seen forcing entry into the residence of Paul Pelosi. This scene was captured by a security camera installed by the US Capitol Police at Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco residence.

The attack on Paul Pelosi was a reason for Nancy Pelosi to move away from her House Democratic leadership role, as stated previously. Her question, reportedly heard on the recording, of 'Where's Nancy?', was ultimately answered.

Paul Pelosi, husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sustained serious injuries after being attacked with a hammer and zip ties in his San Francisco residence. According to court documents, the perpetrator, Jacob DePape, demanded to know where Nancy Pelosi was and threatened to tie up Paul Pelosi. DePape allegedly prevented Paul Pelosi from leaving before saying “I can take you out”.

Paul Pelosi underwent surgery to repair a skull fracture and serious injuries to his right arm and hand. Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that her husband's recovery was taking "one day at a time" and that she did not know if she would see the video when it was released.
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