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Suspect Commits Suicide After carries out Deadly Attack During Lunar New Year

23 January 2023, Monday
A shooting occurred during the Chinese Lunar New Year festival at a ballroom dance venue popular among older people. The incident ended with the shooter taking their own life when law enforcement arrived.

On Sunday, after a 12-hour manhunt following the shooting at a dance club during the Lunar New Year celebrations that left 10 dead and 10 wounded, a 72-year-old gunman was approached by the police and shot himself. Witnesses reported that the perpetrator had tried to commit another attack on a separate club minutes after the first one, but was disarmed by two bystanders prior to any shots being fired.

Sheriff Robert Luna of Los Angeles County named Huu Can Tran, aged 70 or above, as the culprit of a shooting incident at a Monterey Park ballroom dance spot. The site is popular amongst older customers and only a few miles away from the downtown area of Los Angeles. The weapon used was a magazine pistol with a large ammunition capacity.

Investigators still have yet to uncover a motive for the shooting, though gun violence is unfortunately common in the United States. Sheriff Luna did not name any of the victims, but indicated that they ranged in age from their 50s to 60s and older. The gun used by Tran, a pistol, had a magazine capacity exceeding the 10-round limit mandated under California law.

Luna spoke to reporters and voiced her concern, asking how something so terrible could have occurred. According to police, Tran is believed to have executed the shooting in Monterey Park at 10 p.m. PT on Saturday. Approximately twenty minutes later, when Tran entered a second dance club in Alhambra, he was stopped by people in the area. Luna stated, "I can tell you that the suspect went inside, seemingly determined to kill more people, however two courageous members of the community took it upon themselves to disarm him."

On Sunday, tragedy struck as police approached a white van driven by Tran in Torrance, about 20 miles from the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park where a shooting had occurred. As officers approached, they heard a single gunshot from the van, prompting them to fall back and call for a SWAT team. When they returned, they found Tran had taken his own life. Of the 10 people injured in the shooting, 7 remained hospitalized, with at least one in critical condition. The shooting happened as locals came together to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, an event that brings thousands to the area every year.

The city of Monterey Park, known for its many Chinese restaurants and groceries, had bystanders standing and staring at the blocked off blocks with police tape surrounding them on Sunday. Chester Chong, chair of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, noted that the city of about 60,000 is usually a serene and pleasant place where everybody is acquainted and helps one another. He mentioned that tons of people had contacted him the night before, fearful this was a crime of hate. Data from the U.S. Census indicate that around 65% of the residents of Monterey Park are Asian.

The Star Ballroom Dance Studio, opened in 1990, proudly displays numerous photographs of its past Lunar New Year celebrations featuring its patrons smiling and dancing in party clothes in the studio's large, brightly lit ballroom.

The majority of those attending the studio are middle-aged or seniors, though youth classes do exist with children attending. According to an anonymous teacher at the studio, the patrons are typically "normal working people" looking for either exercise or social interaction, with some of them being retired.

A handbill distributed on the website proclaimed Saturday night's New Year celebration, commencing at 7:30 p.m. and ending twelve thirty on Sunday morning.

Tiffany Chiu, age 30, who was celebrating with her parents in the vicinity of the ballroom, stated that some people interpreted the gunshots as New Year fireworks.

"This is an area that is mostly occupied by elder citizens, normally very tranquil," she continues. "This is not something one would anticipate experiencing here."

President Joe Biden expressed his profound sympathies in regard to the fatal incident in Monterey Park, and has subsequently instructed his Homeland Security adviser to arrange federal assistance for local authorities.

The attack in Monterey Park is the most devastating since May 2022, when a shooter killed nineteen students and two instructors in Uvalde, Texas. The most fatal shooting in the whole of California's past occurred in the year 1984 at a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro near San Diego, claiming the lives of twenty-one people.

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