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Lunar New Year Celebrations Begin in Chinatown and Suburbs

22 January 2023, Sunday
Millions of people around the globe were marking the Lunar New Year before the clock struck midnight, including in Chicago.
An event honoring the Lunar New Year 2023 was held on Saturday in Chinatown, and it was bustling with activity!

Festive music was in the air, and the sound of the traditional Chinese pipa resonated in the background. Colorful red lanterns decorated the area, and best of all, there was a table carefully laid out with symbolic candy and red envelopes symbolizing good luck. Dancers provided entertainment, completing the celebratory atmosphere.

Ocean Wang, a 20-year resident of Chinatown, remarked: The food, the culture and all the lanterns make it a really fun time.

For Wang, it is of utmost importance to impart the tradition to her kids. 

"As I am an immigrant from Taiwan and my children have been born in Chicago, I wish for them to gain knowledge of both American and Chinese cultures," she stated.

There was much excitement from the numerous individuals when The Chinese American Museum of Chicago put on an exhibition that returned.

Ben Lau, the executive director of the Chinese American Museum of Chicago, announced that they had resumed their in-person Chinese New Year celebration event after two years of being put on hold due to the COVID pandemic. 2022 was the Year of the Tiger, but 2023 will be the Year of the Rabbit, and everyone looks forward to the festive celebration.

"The Year of the Rabbit will bring peace, hope and love," stated Lau.

Residents of Rosemont embraced the occasion by planning various performances, activities and Chinese cultural gatherings. 
Everywhere people are indulging in the spirit of the festive season, united in joy and optimism.

"We are all going to be so cheerful," exclaimed Wang.
In honour of this event, a Lunar New Year parade is planned for Sunday, Jan. 29 at 1 p.m. in Chinatown.
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