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Kendall Jenner Amuses Viewers with Her Unconventional Cucumber Slicing in UberEats Commercial

16 January 2023, Monday
Kris Jenner, 67, jokingly asked her 27-year-old daughter Kendall on an UberEats advert if she would like to order food, as she was having difficulty cutting a cucumber. Kendall was seen unhappily trying to slice the vegetable, crossing her hands over it to get a better angle for the knife. The advertisement was a playful reference to Kendall's cucumber cutting uproar from last year.

The model suggested a food item that would be difficult to cut, to which Kris replied with a suggestion of something easier; a salad. The model thanked Kris for the suggestion.

Kendall Jenner's haphazard attempt at cutting a cucumber last year was the source of much mirth and derision on social media. This prompted the creation of a commercial which pokes fun at Kendall's notorious 'insane attempt'. On an episode of her family's Hulu show The Kardashians, viewers were treated to a glimpse of Jenner's less-than-stellar culinary aptitude.

The tequila brand owner visited Kris Jenner's mansion in Calabasas, Los Angeles, and upon being offered the services of the family's professional chef, she instead opted to make herself a snack. Despite her mother's bewilderment, Kendall decided to try her hand at chopping cucumber - and proceeded to do so by bending her arms around in an awkward fashion.

Kendall Jenner's lack of culinary expertise was made evident when she admitted that she was 'not a good cutter' and was 'kind of scared' of the knife while trying to cut a cucumber. This prompted much amusement from her mother, Kris, who promptly called in the chef to do the job for her.

The moment quickly went viral with many taking to social media to joke about the reality star's inexperience with kitchen utensils. One user on twitter said 'Kendall Jenner not knowing how to cut a cucumber and Kris proceeding to call for the chef is hilarious to me', while another commented that 'she probably had to cut her own cucumber three times in her life'.

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