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Winter Storm Warning Issued For Montreal With Approx. 20 cm of Snow Expected

12 January 2023, Thursday
Montrealers should be prepared for a chilly conclusion to the week, with considerable snow accumulation and freezing precipitation likely to occur on Thursday and Friday. Environment Canada has issued a winter storm warning, imploring drivers to be aware of potentially treacherous roads over the next two days.

MétéoMédia clarifies that the snow will be dense due to the temperatures just beneath the freezing point, but anticipate more rain rather than snow in areas to the south of the St. Lawrence River.

Forecasters are predicting a good amount of snowfall, with around 20-40 centimetres expected to accumulate throughout Montreal and its surrounding areas. Variation in snowfall amounts can be seen from one area to another, as different air masses converge over the city.

Environment Canada is warning commuters to prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions in the coming days, as temps are expected to drop early Friday morning. This could cause the snow to briefly turn into ice pellets and freezing rain before changing back into flurries, creating difficult travel conditions for some locations. Despite this, Montrealers should take advantage of the wintry weather to enjoy some restaurants or partake in snow-based activities, like winter biking.

Montrealers are no strangers to winter weather's unpredictable nature of snowfall, freezing rain and bitterly cold temperatures, which may arrive piecemeal or all at once. This appears to be the case for mid-January, when a 'forceful' weather system is expected to hit the city.

A meteorological formation travelling along the east coast is bringing a low-pressure system and significant amounts of rain to Quebec on Friday, January 13th - a lucky Friday for those living in the area.
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