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Odell Beckham Jr. Criticizes Airplane Passenger in Bodycam Footage

12 January 2023, Thursday
Body-camera video of Odell Beckham Jr.'s encounter with police and other passengers during his removal from a flight at Miami International Airport has been released, showing the details of how the incident unfolded in November.

The 45-minute video reveals Beckham insulting a passenger, calling them "fat" and "ugly." Flight attendants also recount how the football player allegedly refused to comply with orders to put on his seatbelt, staying unresponsive and not wearing pants.

Officers were seen on American Airlines Flight 1228 boarding and approaching the seat of a 30-year-old in the first-class cabin. Other passengers were intently watching as the situation developed and law enforcement interacted with Beckham. The Miami-Dade Police Dept. unveiled the footage of the incident which occurred on Nov. 27 this week.

Police approached NFL star Odell Beckham and asked if he was able to stand up. He answered that he had been in a deep slumber and was woken up by the officers. Despite this, flight attendants insisted on the fact that Beckham had no pants on, although the officers saw that he was wearing them, and further accused him of being under the influence. After a few inquiries, the officers gave Beckham the green light to go.

A female flight attendant mentioned to the police the number of times they had attempted to persuade Beckham to put on his seatbelt. “Multiple times, multiple people,” she said. Another attendant chimed in, saying that this should not be occurring during a five-hour flight and revealed Beckham had told another attendant that he had been clubbing the night before. To this, the police replied that Beckham was simply tired.

Flight attendants and even the captain demanded that David Beckham be taken off the plane due to his uncooperative and confrontational demeanor. The passengers were forced to disembark while airport staff discussed the renowned footballer, with one asking “Can I get his signature?” Nonetheless, Beckham refused to leave, no matter how hard the captain tried to persuade him.

As the order to disembark the plane is announced, Beckham begins to address the passengers and offer apologies. "Please exit the plane," one traveler utters, prompting several other passengers sitting in first class to join in the protest. Beckham responds with a stern, "No," before turning away.

Odell Beckham Jr. was removed from an airplane after a dispute with an airline staff member. After an altercation with the staff member, police came onboard and asked the star wide receiver to step off the plane.

Beckham expressed confusion at the situation, telling the officers he had never been in a similar situation before. They offered to let him take the next flight, but he declined and said he was willing to disembark the plane along with everybody else.

As Beckham taunted a fellow passenger by saying “you can look at me all you want”, the passenger replied to him, “Just get off the plane.” With a leaning forward posture, Beckham replied, “There’s nothing you can ever say, ever. You’re everything wrong with the world. Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. I would never, ever in my life, get off the plane for you, specifically you. Maybe everyone else, I would get off the plane. That doesn't mean anything to me. You're going to wait 40 minutes, and I'm going to be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat ass. Get yourself off the plane for a second.”

A passenger on a flight was apparently subjected to an upsetting and inappropriate exchange when he fell asleep. After the man failed to wake up when called, another passenger intervened and allegedly shouted at him, saying "Enjoy the cheese board on the way home with your ugly ass." The sleeping passenger then addressed the other passengers, saying "Got life fucked up, I’m sorry. All you had to do was wake me up." Later, while he was alone on the plane, he was overheard talking on his phone about the incident, stating "Then a white man then gon’ look at me, talking about, ’just get off the plane.’"

The man became angry while on a plane and refused to get off when asked. He then told the individual asking him to leave, “Bitch, now you made it my point to not get off the fucking plane.” When police arrived on the scene, he asked them for a particular favor: “The white man, with the red shirt on, do not let me walk by him. That’s all I’m asking.” To which the cops replied, “Don’t slip on that brother.”

David Beckham was escorted from an airplane and into the airport after an incident which occurred on-board. As he was taken away, cheering and clapping from the passengers watching on could be heard.

Beckham had become distressed after being admonished by the crew for refusing to wear a face mask. Police attempted to console him, explaining that the warning was coming from a place of love.

Despite the incident, no charges were pressed against the former footballer.

Carlos Gauna, seated in business class on the flight that morning, told The Daily Beast that Beckham was the last passenger to leave the airplane. After a delay, the other people on board were able to re-board and the plane departed. Beckham's lawyer, Daniel Davillier, attributed the "unnecessary" occurrence to an "overzealous flight attendant".
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