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Ed Sheeran’s Wife Diagnosed with Tumor During Pregnancy

02 March 2023, Thursday

Ed Sheeran disclosed on Wednesday, through a diary entry photographed by Annie Liebowitz, that his wife Cherry Seaborn had been diagnosed with a tumor during her pregnancy with their second child.

He said a combination of events at the start of last year impacted his life, mood, and perspective on music and art. "My pregnant partner was informed she had a tumor, with no treatment available until after the baby was born. My best friend, Jamal, a brother to me, died unexpectedly, and I was in court fighting for my career and songwriting integrity," Sheeran said.

In February of last year, the music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards passed away at the age of 31, with his last Instagram post being a message commemorating his 'brother' Ed Sheeran's birthday. This ultimately led Sheeran to be taken to court the following year, accused of plagiarizing the grime artist Sami Switch's song "Oh Why". Sheeran eventually won this case in April of 2022.

The artist opened up about his struggles throughout this difficult time, mentioning that he had been "spiralling through fear, depression and anxiety". He also expressed that he felt like he was "drowning, head below the surface, looking but not being able to break through for air".

In a recent announcement, Ed Sheeran revealed that his upcoming album, “Subtract,” is inspired by his darkest thoughts and experiences.

According to Sheeran, the album was very different from what he had originally intended. He stated that he had been working on crafting the perfect acoustic album for over a decade, but in a short span of one week, he had replaced all of his work with the deepest, darkest parts of himself.

The singer added that this album was different from anything he had ever released before. He said that instead of crafting a record people would like, he was aiming to put out something honest and true to his adult life.

This album was released shortly after Sheeran announced the birth of his second daughter with his wife Cherry Seaborn. He has not commented on her condition, though the release of his album may hint at recent difficult times.
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