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Review: «Ginny & Georgia» Season 2 – A Multi-Faceted Drama Offering Much

05 January 2023, Thursday
It is 2023, and many of us are in search of that much sought-after entertainment hit as we scroll through our phones and OTT platforms. But what constitutes the next great thing? Is it the show with the most riveting plot, the most captivating visuals, or just the one that generates the most buzz? Our lives are such that Netflix is one of our go-to pastimes. This makes the success of the second season of "Ginny & Georgia" even more evident. It proves that writing is essential; good content with a compelling narrative will always be the key that unlocks the door to success.

In regards to what content we allow our senses to be exposed to, our standards are not particularly high. Content creators are aware of this which is why there is an abundance of mediocrity. However, occasionally we come across a show like "Ginny & Georgia" which proves to be an example of the standard we should aim for. Although the concept isn't particularly unique, the writer is able to effectively capture the characters and their journey in an engaging way. It's clear that when content is produced thoughtfully, it can be truly captivating.

Viewing “Ginny & Georgia” allows us to understand why certain series like “Never Have I Ever” or “Sex Education” failed to meet our expectations. The latter had disconnected episodes that were too preachy and the former simply lacked character. All of the shows mentioned mention popular culture observably, but a delicate balance must be struck between maintaining it realistic as genuine “teenager talk” and overdoing it for the purpose of being humorous and progressive.

People who watch "Gossip Girl" reboot often have dissatisfaction due to the writers not knowing how to deliver a story in a way that feels relevant to the time period. Mastering the art of being able to delicately portray references that maintain their relevance even as times change is something that makes a movie or series timeless. This is one of the many qualities that make this show great, though there are other factors that also contribute to its success.

The connection between a mother and daughter is at the crux of this show, portraying all the complexities of their relationship. The highs and lows, gratitude and disappointment, love and frustration, all come together to paint a picture of the mother-daughter bond. It is no surprise that a mother is often the first role model for a young girl, providing her with what to imitate and what to avoid in her own life. Ultimately, the mother-daughter relationship is one of the best-kept secrets that influence a woman's life in ways that cannot be denied.

Ginny had always looked up to her mother for her self-assurance and her knack for fitting into any given environment and achieving her goals—qualities she herself lacked. However, their opposing moral guidelines frequently generated disagreement between them. Ginny was aware of their discrepancies and the consequential friction.

Ginny comprehended why her mother was the manner she was; actually, she even recognized that her mother likely needed to be that way. Still, Ginny had grown up in a world where she did not always have to be alert. She had accepted the prevalent ethical standard of behaviour, one that does not take into consideration the restricted alternatives of the socially deprived and one that sometimes fails to look out for their justness. Her most significant struggle was probably her understanding of the inadequacies of the system yet incapability to embrace anything else.

Georgia and Ginny were never able to adapt and fit into their desired environment. Whereas Ginny saw this as a lack of her ability, Georgia was less bothered by this and instead chose to learn how to fit in and get what she desired. Whether it was age or experience, Georgia knew that the idea of 'fitting in' was a false one. People come together through similar codes of conduct and yet, on an individual level, still find difficulty in connecting and establishing themselves.

Ellen Baker grappled with the strain of parenting two difficult teenagers, while Cynthia had to uphold a facade of flawlessness that was unimportant when she was in danger of losing the one she cherished most. Individuals like Bracia faced challenges to be respected due to their ethnicity, and then there were people like Abby who had a hard time being acceptable.

Ginny and her new classmate had nothing in common; they were worlds apart. But, that did not prevent them from forming a friendship as they managed to find a common thread between them. Often, this is enough to allow a connection to form, but it is the willingness to embrace their differences that sustains it. However, Ginny had yet to understand this concept. The writer made sure that the reader was able to learn this lesson, even if the protagonist did not.

The complexity of Ginny's emotions, her struggle to embrace them, and her search for her own identity and the power to fight for it, were all portrayed in an accurate and captivating way in "Ginny & Georgia" Season 1. The series highlighted just how emotionally taxing it can be for teenagers during this phase of life.

At the same time, the fear and lack of control Ginny felt over her own emotions and life is what caused her resentment towards her mother. It is this very difference that made her feel overwhelmed and insecure.

Writing is the ultimate foundation for any creative output, and crafting something like “Ginny and Georgia” requires a deep appreciation for the art as well as an unfiltered honesty. We are kept up to speed with Georgia's relationship with her daughter, her attempts to make peace with her past, and her struggles with insomnia. Nevertheless, we hope to get an even closer look into her complicated inner emotions.

We can’t help but feel like there's something deeper to uncover when it comes to Ginny and Georgia. Despite Julia Roberts’ smile, Georgia seems to have a knack for covering things up. We're all eager to learn more about her and the intricacies of the show, but knowing the talented writers behind it, we're sure we'll get more insight soon enough. This series has proven to be a work of art and deserves more recognition than it is currently getting. We can only hope for more series that appreciate their audience rather than solely focusing on boosting streaming platform watch hours.
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