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Lil Yachty Performs ‘The Black Seminole’ and ‘Drive Me Crazy!’ on ‘SNL’

02 April 2023, Sunday

On March 11, Lil Yachty made his Saturday Night Live debut, performing in an unforgettable way. Jenna Ortega's episode was the chosen one for the announcement, and 1975 was the corresponding musical guest.

Lil Yachty gave the audience a treat when he performed his track "The Black Seminole" accompanied by a psych rock band and featuring Diana Gordon. His energetic performance was a delight to both watch and listen to.

Lil Yachty took an unexpected turn with his most recent album, Let’s Start Here, by exploring experimentation. His desire to be seen as a serious artist instead of for a single hit is what drove him to this change. Music is of great importance to him and he wanted to showcase how passionate he is when it comes to his art.

Questlove had his reservations when he first heard Let's Start Here, yet he ultimately ended up loving the album. Posting to his Instagram, the Roots drummer praised Yachty for pulling off a successful departure from his earlier projects. Questlove's enthusiasm for the album was proof of his admiration for Yachty's latest work.
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