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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Celebrate Engagement in New ‘Beso’ Video

25 March 2023, Saturday

Fans of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro had a reason to rejoice as the couple hinted at their engagement in the music video for “Beso,” the first single from their joint EP “R&R,” released on Friday.

The EP was complemented with a homemade music video that showed the Latin music couple enjoying romantic moments in various cities such as Japan, Puerto Rico, Spain, the Dominican Republic, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Throughout the three-minute clip, Rosalía and Alejandro shared many kisses, but the most revealing moment came at the end of the video.

Rosalía was seen showing off a diamond ring, and with tears streaming down her eyes, she declared her love for her partner, saying “Oh my god, and my mascara is all runny now. I love you,” before leaning in for a kiss.

Alejandro Rauw and Rosalía confirmed their romance last September and have been together for three years. Consequently, rumors of a potential engagement have been circulating. Representatives of the couple have yet to confirm the news, but they have dropped a collaboration track, titled “R&R”, which marks their first joint release. Furthermore, they have contributed to each other’s catalogs in other ways, such as Rosalía's backing vocals for "Dile a Él" off Rauw's 2020 album “Afrodisíaco”, and other songs they have written and produced.

Rosalía and Alejandro Rauw have released their eagerly awaited collaborative project, ‘RR’, which gives a revealing glimpse into their romantic bond.

The album, consisting of three songs, is the result of the couple taking time out to focus on each other.

"We always knew we wanted to make music together, but we had to find the right time," said Alejandro. "It has taken us a while to fit all of my feelings for her into these three songs. This means I will spend my days writing and composing more songs with and about her."

Rosalía said: "For us, it’s always love first, then everything else, but this time we skipped it so we could finish 'RR' and share it with the world. After more than three years, these three songs are here, each belonging to a different stage of love."

The accompanying music videos for “Vampiros” and “Promesa” will soon be released. Fans can find out more information by visiting
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