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Showcasing Adam Sandler’s Talent

27 March 2023, Monday

Adam Sandler is an immensely talented comedian, musician, film director, producer, screenwriter and actor whose movies have accumulated massive amounts of money at the box office. This year, his efforts have been recognized with him being named the 2023 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

The award was presented to him at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. this past weekend which will air on CNN this coming Sunday night. Ahead of that airing, here are 10 examples of Sandler demonstrating his wide-ranging and remarkable abilities.

In 2009’s “Funny People,” Adam Sandler portrays a comedian diagnosed with a deadly illness. Desiring connection, Sandler's character mentors an emerging comic as his condition progresses. His performance brings an air of poignancy to the role of an aging comic.

In his most acclaimed performance, Sandler stars as Howard Ratner, a jeweler and compulsive gambler facing an escalating financial crisis. The 2019 movie has been praised by some as the finest of Sandler's career.

Sandler has kept close to the memory of his late friend, Chris Farley, who passed away due to a drug overdose in 1997 at the age of 33. Even after more than two decades since his passing, Sandler gets emotional when singing the “Chris Farley Song”. This was evident during his 2018 Netflix special, “Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh”, and when he hosted “Saturday Night Live” in May 2019.

In the song, Farley takes the spotlight; however, Sandler is the perfect sidekick, playing the role of a woman who works in The Gap, watches too much Court TV, and almost cries when Farley finds it hard to stick to his diet.

In his 2018 Netflix special, Sandler showcases his musical prowess, features his English bulldog, and elicits tears from viewers - it is a genuine masterpiece.
Conan O’Brien recently appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXm show, where he shared his experience of being Adam Sandler's neighbour in Los Angeles.
He joked, “No one just goes to someone else’s house and knock on the door,” pointing out that Sandler usually stands outside the gate to his home calling out for “Coney! Coney!”

In 1996, Adam Sandler starred in Happy Gilmore, a movie about a man-boy aspiring to be a professional hockey player. When his grandmother is threatened with losing her house, Happy enters a golf tournament in an effort to save it.

In 1998, Sandler starred in another hit movie, this time alongside Drew Barrymore. In The Wedding Singer, Sandler took on the role of Robbie, a wedding singer who falls for Julia, a waitress. Unfortunately, they are both already engaged to different people.

In the 1998 comedy The Waterboy, Sandler plays a waterboy for a college football team. Despite this, the movie proved to be extremely successful, holding pole position at the box office.
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