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Lee Curtis Wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar for ‘Everything Everywhere’

13 March 2023, Monday

Lee Curtis has been awarded the Oscar for best supporting actress on Sunday for her performance in 'Everything Everywhere All At Once', in which she played the role of a strict IRS auditor who is trying to finish her taxes with a Chinese American laundromat owner.

The 64-year-old actress, who has been in the film industry for 45 years and whose career began with the famous horror flick 'Halloween', has been given her first-ever Oscar nomination and subsequently won. She has surpassed the other front-runners, Angela Bassett and Kerry Condon, in the awards.

Two weeks prior, Curtis was recognized with the same award from the Screen Actors Guild, and in her acceptance speech she noted that when she received the call for an "unusual" movie and found out she would be working with lead actress Michelle Yeoh, she was instantly enthusiastic. In the movie, Curtis plays the role of a frumpy Internal Revenue Service auditor, Deirdre Beaubeirdre, and gives a hard time to Yeoh's character, Evelyn, in the tax office. However, in one scene they form a bond as Evelyn attempts to convince Deirdre that she is beloved. Afterward, the movie shifts into a glorious interdimensional action-adventure, with martial arts combat sprinkled in.

Jamie Lee Curtis is usually referred to as a "nepo baby" due to her famous parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. However, she is known in Hollywood for her humble attitude.

In her acting career, Jamie Lee Curtis has achieved great success, appearing in many memorable films, including the original "Halloween" in 1978 and its seven sequels, the comedy classics "Trading Places," "A Fish Called Wanda," "True Lies," and "Freaky Friday."

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