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Lamar High School Shooting Leaves One Student Dead in Arlington

21 March 2023, Tuesday

Monday morning, Lamar High School in Arlington went on lockdown after two students were shot. According to police, the shooter was also a student and has now been taken into custody. Reports indicate that the shooting left one student dead and another injured.

Officers received reports of the incident at around 6:55 a.m. Video footage from the scene apparently showed a male and female student on the school steps when the shooting occurred. Chief Al Jones of the Arlington Police Department disclosed this information to the media.

The male student was taken to a nearby hospital where he tragically passed away. A female student was grazed by shrapnel on the cheek and was taken to a local hospital by an adult. Police Chief Jones stated that there was video footage of the shooter, another student, leaving the area. He was later apprehended.

Jones commented on the violent incident, expressing his parental dismay, “As a dad, I was disturbed, because it's a kid. This is what I would say was a very senseless act of violence.” The witness of the event called 911 and gave a description of the shooter, which enabled the police to locate and arrest him.

A tragedy took place before class was to commence at Arlington High School when shots were fired. Although most students had yet to arrive, a school resource officer was due to the school at 7 a.m. - not long after the incident occurred. Arlington ISD Superintendent Marcelo Cavazos expressed his heartache over the situation, saying "Schools deserve to be a safe place for students to learn and to grow every day."

Parents of students at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida were sent into a panic early Friday morning after reports of a shooting at the school.
Kita Bowles was one of the parents who received a text from their child alerting them about the shooting.

"I just started bawling," Bowles said. "She's my only daughter, my only child, so I just started bawling and I just told my boss, 'man I needed to leave and go get my baby.'"
Police responded quickly to the incident, and the school was placed in lockdown. It remained this way until noon, when the building was cleared and students were released to their parents or guardians.
The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing.

The school will be shut down on Tuesday, and AISD counselors will be present on Thursday to offer assistance to students and teachers. Principal Andrew Hagman expressed his profound appreciation for the students who responded promptly to the unfortunate accident, following APD and school instructions, which resulted in their safety.

Michael Price retrieved his daughter Janelle from a reuniting station located in the school's sports centre near midday. Janelle informed him of the shooting that had occurred in the building, which was a welcome and comforting surprise for her father who was concerned for her safety. He said that if it weren't for Janelle having a mobile phone to provide updates, he would have been in a state of panic. Janelle commented on how eerie the situation was, being so accustomed to hearing about school shootings in the news but never expecting it to happen at her own school. She remarked that it was both crazy and scary.
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