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Google Lays Off 12,000 Employees Amid January Big Tech Job Cuts

20 January 2023, Friday
Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently notified US employees that the tech giant will be slicing 12,000 jobs in the near future. He also mentioned that the process of laying off people in other countries will take longer due to local laws.

Google announced sweeping job cuts on Friday, resulting in 6% of its global workforce being laid off. It is not known how many of those jobs are situated in the United States.

January has been a bad month for Big Tech personnel. Microsoft declared a major round of job losses on Thursday, with 10,000 people, or 5% of its staff, being laid off. Amazon and Salesforce have already declared layoffs earlier in the month.

In a post shared on the web and in a regulatory filing, Pichai said in an email to staff: "As a consequence of the swift growth we experienced in the past two years, we employed to meet a divergent economic situation to the one that is present today." Consequently, the companies have to make major cuts in light of the current climate of economic uncertainty.

The layoffs at Alphabet, parent company of Google, come as the tech giant reorients its focus to Artificial Intelligence. CEO Sundar Pichai noted that doubling down on these early investments will necessitate making "tough choices." This will impact employees of Alphabet in numerous product areas, functions, levels, and regions.

Similar layoffs have occurred on Wall Street, with Goldman Sachs planning to lay off 3,200 personnel, one of the largest such actions since the 2008 financial crisis.
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