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Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Confirm Production of ‘Good Burger’ Follow-Up

19 March 2023, Sunday
Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell excitedly announced on The Tonight Show on March 17th that a sequel to the beloved 1997 comedy Good Burger is officially underway. The pair encouraged the studio audience, who responded with great enthusiasm and applause, to "Welcome to the Good Burger, home of the Good Burger - part two!" They also acknowledged the excitement of it all by standing up and exclaiming "two!"

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson have expressed their desire to do a sequel to their beloved 1997 comedy “Good Burger” since the movie was first released, and they’re now closer than ever to achieving that goal. The “Saturday Night Live” stars recently revealed to Jimmy Fallon that they have plans to film the sequel this summer, and it will be released “soon.”

Speaking to Fallon, Thompson said, “It’s such a blessing, man. It’s unbelievable.” The upcoming movie will follow Dex and Ed as they reunite at Good Burger and work with some new co-workers, according to a press release.

Thompson informed Fallon to anticipate a lot of "tomfoolery" alongside many visitor appearances.
"We want as many cameo roles as possible, like anybody who is eager to do it that I deem noteworthy," he said.

Then they posed the question to Fallon if he would potentially make an appearance.
“Obviously I would do something," he replied. “I would do whatever with you guys.”

The original "Good Burger" sketch, which first aired on "All That" in 1994, featured Mitchell as Ed, an unaware cashier at Good Burger, a fast-food restaurant. The skit eventually became a movie and hit theatres in July 1997.

In a press release, Mitchell expressed his delight at being able to continue bringing joy and laughter to fans through Ed, whom he deemed a timeless character.

When asked about the process of creating the song “We’re All Dudes,” Mitchell told Fallon he penned the “uplifting” tune in around a single day.

“I drafted it at a hotel...I finished it quite swiftly and performed it for all the executives and they adored it,” he said. “I was seated at a table and everyone was having lunch and up to the present I'm still being rewarded from the ‘Good Burger’ song.”

Fallon then took out two microphones and they all sang “We’re All Dudes” for an enthusiastic crowd while moving around the studio.

Kenan and Kel reminisced with Jimmy Fallon about their hit show from the '90s, "All That". They told Fallon that their first encounter had been orchestrated by the show's creators as they hadn't met before. Mitchell began by recounting that he had been waiting in the lobby when the elevator door had opened, revealing Thompson with his 'Mighty Ducks' apparel. To top it off, the other actor had roller blades. Mitchell said that it was then that he knew they would be friends.

They spoke of how they found a special connection as two humorous figures in Mavis and Clavis.
Mitchell described the dynamic between him and Kenan as one that was simply effortless and comedic with them completing each other's jokes.

Thompson was eager to spotlight the Good Burger" sketch, knowing it would be popular.
To this day, Mitchell remains amazed by how the movie has stuck around and that fans still recite quotes from the film. An added bonus is that he has been able to get free burgers as a result.
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